What Do You Need to Consider Before Buying a Used Travel Trailer?

need-consider-before-buying-used-travel-trailer Credit: Sherri Camp/iStock/Getty Images

When buying a used travel trailer, consider both the interior and exterior condition of the vehicle as well as its value as given in the Kelley Blue Book. Also, take into account how open and honest the seller is, if the seller is willing to provide the service record and if the Vehicle Identification Number matches with what is in the records.

When inspecting the condition of a used travel trailer, do so in the daytime rather than at night. Check if the doors, windows and other openings are sealed properly and operate smoothly, and look for any signs of damage, panel mismatch or warping. Inspect the tanks and pipes under the trailer, and note if the trailer's tires and hitch are in the proper condition.

When inspecting the interior of a travel trailer, check for any signs of water damage on the walls, floor and ceiling. Also, check for any damage to the roof and any indications of corrosion or pest infestation. Look for signs of wear and tear in the furnishings inside.

Further, ensure that the access panel to the trailer's appliances, such as its stove, oven, refrigerator, air conditioner, microwave and heater, and the faucets function properly. Importantly, check if the appliances work on battery power, propane and electricity.

The seller of the travel trailer should permit a thorough inspection of the vehicle, and get to know the model, make and year of the vehicle from the seller. Use the service records to know what repairs have been carried out on the trailer. Finally, determine a purchase price to offer the seller based on the approximate value given in the Kelley Blue Book and the condition of the trailer.