How Do I Know If I Need My Clutch Replaced?


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If the car smells like burning rubber, gears shift on their own or it suddenly becomes difficult to press on the pedals, the clutch may need to be replaced. These are the three most prominent warning signs of a bad clutch, claims Mr. Clutch.

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How Do I Know If I Need My Clutch Replaced?
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If your vehicle smells like burning rubber or a burning electrical wire, this is most likely caused by high heat and wear on the plate as a result of overusing the clutch, according to Mr. Clutch.

Sometimes the gears slip or shift on their own or the entire system jerks when the clutch needs to be replaced, explains Mr. Clutch. This usually indicates that the clutch is simply tattered through normal use, but the symptom could also indicate an oil leak in the line that connects the crankshaft to the clutch plate.

A sticking clutch is much harder to diagnose, as it can indicate a leak in the system or a leak in the system accompanied by a failed clutch, states Mr. Clutch. Either way, the problem can be determined by the way the brake and gas pedals become much harder to press down. The increased difficulty is a result of a hydraulic failure that allows the pressure in the system to build up.

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