How Do You Know When You Need Clutch Fluid?

need-clutch-fluid Credit: Melissa Hincha-Ownby/Other

Indications that an automobile needs clutch fluid include shuddering during shifting, sluggish gear changes, gear slippage and sudden lurching. Clutch fluid is also known as brake fluid. Low fluid levels can lead to damage to the car's powertrain.

Any kind of resistance or vibration while shifting gears typically indicates the clutch fluid is leaking. Operating the vehicle without enough fluid inflicts extra wear and tear on the vehicle. Gears can slip as a result of low clutch fluid when the clutch pedal first engages. It might feel as though the vehicle is in neutral when gear slippage occurs.

Drivers who have to use more force than necessary while shifting gears might need to top up the clutch fluid. The vehicle might require more fluid if it starts to jerk backward or forward while being driven. Eventually, it can become almost impossible to shift gears smoothly if the fluid level dips low enough.

Grinding gears is another indication that a vehicle may need more clutch fluid. Proper fluid lubrication allows the clutch mechanism to operate correctly and efficiently. It is always a good idea to investigate odd noises, smells and behaviors as soon as they occur to prevent further damage to the vehicle.