Is It Necessary to Have a Motorcycle License in New York State to Drive a Can-Am Spyder?

A driver needs a motorcycle license, or learner's permit, to operate a Can-Am Spyder in New York state, although it is a three-wheel drive and is not classified as a motorcycle. A Can-Am Spyder is referred to as roadster.

The Can-Am Spyder came out in 2007 and features a V-twin 100-horsepower motorcycle engine and a semi-automatic 5-speed transmission. With plenty of storage and a sporty look, the Can-Am Spyder is frequently used for road trips. If a person does not have a motorcycle license, he or she needs to take a test at one of New York's Department of Motor Vehicle offices to obtain learner's permit. Upon passing, the driver will receive a Class MJ or Class M motorcycle learning permit.