How Do You Find a Nearby Pennsylvania Vehicle Inspection Station?

Find safety and emissions inspections stations in Pennsylvania at and find emissions inspection stations at In addition, features a tool allowing you to determine whether you are required to get your vehicle emission tested.

At, type "automobile inspection" in the What Do You Want to Find box on the main page, type your ZIP code in the Near box, then click the search icon to display a listing. Click a listing to display business details, such as the address, phone number and hours of operation, or to read customer reviews.

At, click a region on the left side of the main page, such as Pittsburgh, South Central or Other Counties, then click the List of Area Emission Inspection Stations link beneath the main paragraph near the top of the page. Click the PDF link associated with a particular county of residence to display a list of emissions inspection stations in the county. Many of these stations also conduct safety inspections. For emissions testing requirements for your vehicle, click the What Emission Test Will Your Vehicle Require link in the yellow box on the right side of the main page. Answer the questions on the page about your county of residence and vehicle year and type, and then click the Submit button to display the requirements.

For additional information and regulations about inspections in Pennsylvania, type "inspections" in the search box near the top of the main page at, select Pennsylvania on the Choose Your State drop-down menu, then click Go. Click the Pennsylvania Smog Check link to display a page detailing many aspects of the state's safety and emissions inspection regime.