What Are the Names of Some Famous Pilots?

Some famous pilots include Amelia Earhart, Norman Lear, John Glenn and Neil Armstrong. Other famous pilots are Prince Harry, Chesley Sullenberger, Charles Lindbergh and Bessie Coleman.

Amelia Earhart is best known for being the first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean; she did so in 1928. During a later flight over the Pacific Ocean in 1937, Earhart famously disappeared under mysterious circumstances. She was legally declared dead in 1939. Earhart is also well-known for having been the first person to fly across both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. There are many theories regarding what led to her disappearance after the discovery of multiple artifacts on Pacific islands.

Chesley Sullenberger is best known for safely and successfully ditching his US Airlines flight into the Hudson River after a flock of geese struck the aircraft; he saved all 155 people on board. Sullenberger was a commercial pilot for 29 years before the notable incident. He retired a year later. As of 2015, he writes memoirs and is also a lauded international speaker on airline safety.

Best known for being an astronaut but also an avid pilot, Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. He acquired his pilot's license at 16 and was a U.S. Navy pilot during the Korean War.