What Is the Name of the Little Pins of Rubber on New Tires?

The little pins of rubber on new tires are often called hairs, but the technical term for these thin pieces of rubber is "vent spews." When tires are manufactured, the tire company wants to make sure that the tire will fill the mold created.

To do this, the tire company pushes from the outside and the inside. However, because of all of the pressure, there is the possibility that air could get trapped and keep the rubber from fully filling the tire mold. In order to allow the air to escape, the technicians have created tiny holes in the tire molds. These tiny holes let air out. As the air goes out, some of the rubber goes with it and that is why the tiny rubber pins are created. The vent spews are a byproduct of the molding process.

The vent spews are one component of a tire and stick out from the tire tread. The tread pattern on a tire is the part of the tire that touches the road as a person drives. The exact piece of tire that touches the road at any time is called a contact patch. Tire tread is flexible and has tire grooves in order to keep water out when a person is driving through rainy conditions. The vent spews while visibly sticking out from the tire tread, do not help with traction.