What Is the Name of the First Ford Electric Car?


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The Edison-Ford was the first electric car that the Ford Company manufactured. The 2011 Transit Connect Electric was the first commercial truck, and the 2012 Focus Electric was the first full-production, all-electric vehicle from Ford.

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The Edison-Ford vehicle was a project of Henry Ford's. He met Thomas Edison in 1896 and had worked for Edison for six months when he showed him his plans for an electric starter for gas-powered vehicles. After Ford's success with the Model T, he announced that he and Edison would begin working on an electric car together. They produced a prototype in 1913, just before the collapse of the project due to Ford's inability to compromise on the type of battery they would use.

In December 2011, Ford announced it would start production of the 2012 Focus Electric, a five-passenger, all-electric vehicle projected to achieve an equivalent of 100 miles per gallon. Ford had unveiled an electric truck in 2011, the Ford Transit Connect Electric, but the company geared it toward the commercial marketplace. The Transit Connect Electric was a partnership with the Azure Dynamics Corporation, and it focused on small fleet delivery companies. With zero emissions, the Transit Connect Electric is a green halo truck.

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