How Do You Find NADA Used Vehicle Values?

How Do You Find NADA Used Vehicle Values?

How Do You Find NADA Used Vehicle Values?

To find the NADA used value of a vehicle, use the "New Car Prices and Used Car Values" application on the NADA Guides website. Enter the make, model, year and all optional information about a vehicle to determine its NADA used vehicle value.

Use the following steps to find the NADA value for different used vehicles.

  1. Go to the NADA Guides website
  2. Open the NADA Guides website in a Web browser.

  3. Click on the "New and Used Car Prices" tab
  4. On the homepage of the website, there are a number of tabs under the "Let us help you find the right car" heading. Click on the tab that says "New and Used Car Prices."

  5. Select a vehicle make and press the "Go" button
  6. Use the dropdown menu to select a vehicle make, and then proceed by clicking the "Go" link.

  7. Start to narrow the search by different criteria to find the vehicle
  8. From here, use the dropdown menus to select a year and body style, and then search through the list and select the desired car.

  9. Customize the vehicle to the desired specifications
  10. Select different engine packages, colors, transmissions, wheel designs and more to get the most accurate value estimation. When finished, click on the "Get Pricing with Selected Options" button to find pricing of new vehicles or the value of a used vehicle.