What Must You Know to Pass the Knowledge Test for a Learner's Permit?


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Anyone who wants to pass the knowledge test for a driver learner’s permit should learn about road signs and road rules in the state where the applicant is taking the test. Most states, including Maryland and Georgia, recommend going through the state’s handbook and driver’s manual, because most of the information needed to pass to knowledge test is in those documents.

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One of the ways to pass the learner’s permit test is to become familiar with the format and possible contents of the exam. The Department of Motor Vehicles of most states usually provide practice tests for applicants to help them prepare for the actual exam. The DMV provides practice tests for applicants taking the knowledge exam for learner’s permit and for drivers intending to get a commercial or motorcycle driving license.

The contents of the exam may vary according to state, so it is important to check if a state provides practice quizzes for learner’s permit test takers. The state of New York, for example, created a study guide for new drivers based on the state’s driver’s manual. Depending on the state, an applicant may also need to take a drug and alcohol awareness course. The state of Florida requires applicants regardless of age to take a Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course to be eligible for the knowledge test.

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