How Much Is My Used Car Worth?

much-used-car-worth Credit: Robert Deutschman/Stone/Getty Images

Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds and the National Automotive Dealers Association provide calculators to help consumers determine how much a used car is worth, advises Investopedia. Mileage, condition, included equipment, color and geographical location most strongly determine the value of a used car.

Well-maintained cars with low mileage command the highest prices, notes Investopedia. Sunroofs, leather seats and CD changers add value to used cars, adds Bankrate. Cars in traditional colors are also more likely to sell well. While people in all parts of the country are interested in family sedans, there is a better market for convertibles and sports cars in warmer climates, and SUVs and four-wheel drive vehicles are in demand in snowier locales, states Investopedia.