How Much Do Segways Cost to Operate?


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The estimated monthly cost to operate a Segway is about $3, as of 2015. If the unit is financed, an individual may also have to pay a monthly payments in addition to the electricity to run the Segway.

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A Segway is approximately 11 times more efficient than a car, and it only costs about a penny per mile to run. It is easy to compare the monthly costs of a Segway with a finance payment of about $300 to a typical car. With a car, a person usually spends about $175 a month on gas, $125 a month on insurance, $75 on maintenance and $25 on parking and tolls. When including the car payment, this can add up to well over $800 a month for several years. A Segway, even with a payment, usually costs several hundred dollars less.

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