How Much Horsepower Does a CRF450R Have?

Honda doesn't state official horsepower figures for the CRF450R, but independent dynamometer tests have produced figures around 50hp at 8,400 RPM. This is comparable to other 450cc bikes in its class.

Independent dynamometer tests have shown horsepower figures for that CRF450R that are competitive within its class, but at much lower RPM than some its competitors.

Honda's engineers have improved its mid-range and high-end power with a new cylinder head that has allowed for substantial changes to the exhaust system. The exhaust port now exits in a different location, allowing for a revised header length and larger-diameter muffler. The result is a lively, free-breathing engine with tons of top-end power.

The CRF450R also features an engine management computer with three programmable fuel/ignition maps, an industry first for bikes of this type.