How Do You Know How Much Your Golf Cart Is Worth?

Determine the value of your golf cart using factors such as the make and model of the cart, its battery life, type of use and the condition of the vehicle. While there is no book value for golf carts like there is for cars, one option is to research the price of a new model of the same golf cart you own and subtract an appropriate percentage based on your golf cart's age.

Contact a golf cart manufacturer or dealer, or visit your golf cart manufacturer's website. While you cannot expect your golf cart to be as valuable, it gives you an idea of a cap at which to price the one you own. Another option is to visit an online auction site, such as eBay, and look up golf carts with your make, model and year to get an idea of what they are going for when at auction. Often, there is a range of prices, and the conditions of the carts may vary.

The battery of the golf cart is important when assigning value because it determines the golf cart's operating time and ability. A 48-volt battery is more valuable than a 36-volt battery. If you are selling your golf cart, consider replacing the battery to add to the value of the sale. Other factors that determine the value of the golf cart include the climate of the area where the golf cart was used, enclosures, windshield wipers, stereo systems or built-in coolers.