How Much Gasoline Is Added in a 50-to-1 Mixture for Two-Cycle Oil?

A 50-to-1 mixture of gasoline and oil for two-cycle oil takes 50 parts gasoline to one part oil. This ratio can use any form of liquid measure; using 50 ounces of gasoline, for example, requires 1 ounce of oil to meet the criteria.

Two-cycle oil, also commonly referred to as two-stroke oil, is used in two-stroke engines, found in small motorized tools and vehicles like dirt bikes, lawn and garden equipment, jet skis and small outboard motors. They have the advantage of being smaller and lighter than gasoline and diesel engines, featuring higher-power output relative to engine size. They tend to wear out quicker than better-lubricated four-stroke automotive engines, however, and produce more pollution with a less fuel-efficient design.