How Much Fuel Does a Car Burn When Idling?

much-fuel-car-burn-idling Credit: roevin/Moment/Getty Images

Depending on the type of car, idling consumes between 0.08 and 0.13 gallons of fuel every 10 minutes. Turning off a car's engine when parked for more than 10 seconds can improve fuel economy.

Drivers spend a large amount of time idling, especially when driving on crowded roads. They can significantly reduce fuel consumption by turning engines off when parked for several minutes. Although turning the engine back on does consume some fuel, it only amounts to a few seconds worth of fuel.

While restarting an engine does increase wear and tear on a car's starter, newer engines with fuel injection systems and electronic ignition suffer less wear than older cars. As long as drivers do not restart their vehicles excessively, they should not experience excessive wear on the starter.