How Much Experience Do You Need to Replace a Fuel Pump Relay?


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To replace a fuel pump relay, the car owner needs a basic familiarity with vehicle fuse boxes and the ability to use a wrench and screwdriver. People with no repair experience can replace the relay by reading the vehicle and fuse-box diagrams carefully.

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The car battery must be disconnected before the fuel pump relay is removed. The car owner can loosen the nuts on the battery clamps using a standard wrench or a socket wrench. The clamps should be pulled off of each terminal, starting with the negative side, and moved away from the battery posts.

Most fuel pump relays are located in a vehicle's fuse box; others are located on the firewall, near the steering column or on the fender cover. The car owner should locate the relay with the help of the vehicle manual and use a screwdriver to remove the lid or casing. The diagram under the lid or in the manual pinpoints the location of the fuel pump relay. The relay should come loose with a pull; a flathead screwdriver may be needed to pry the relay out.

Using the old relay as an example, the owner must purchase a new fuel pump relay from an auto parts store. The new relay pushes into place to complete the repair.

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