How Much Does the DT466 Engine Weigh?


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The International Navistar DT466 turbodiesel engine weighs 1,425 pounds, not including the weight of oil or other fluids. This six-cylinder engine displaces 7.6 liters and can produce up to 300 peak horsepower and up to 860 foot-pounds of torque. The DT466 is still in production as of September 2015, though it is referred to as the MaxxForce DT by the manufacturer.

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The DT466 was originally released in 1984 as the International Harvester DT466. All versions of the DT466 and MaxxForce DT use a cast-iron, wet sleeve-engine block design with the six cylinders arranged in an in-line configuration. First-generation DT466 engines used a mechanical fuel injection pump until 1994, when a hydraulic/electronic unit injector first became available. HEUI injectors are standard on DT466 engines produced from 1996 to 2004, after which the fuel system uses a Generation 2 HEUI unit.

Turbocharging to improve efficiency and power is a standard feature of the DT466 engine, present since its inception. The current-generation MaxxForce DT iteration of the engine uses a dual-sequential turbocharger system first added to the engine in 2010. These dual turbochargers replaced the older single variable-vane unit as part of modifications to the DT466 design to help meet new emissions standards that came into force in 2010.

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