How Much Did the Average Car Alignment Cost at Walmart in 2014?


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The average price of an automobile wheel alignment at Walmart in 2014 varied by location and with the type and size of a vehicle. A wheel alignment for a front-wheel-drive vehicle generally cost between $30 and $65, while alignments for four-wheel-drive vehicles cost from $50 to $95.

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Experts concur that wheel alignments should be performed on an automobile every 10,000 miles, or once the vehicle suffers a major shock to its suspension system. Bumping a curb, driving over a large pothole or being involved in an traffic accident all warrant an out-of-schedule realignment, as does regular operation on poorly maintained gravel roads. When a vehicle's wheels are correctly aligned, the automobile is more easily controlled, gets better gas mileage and wears its tires more evenly.

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