How Much Do Custom Motorcycle Paint Jobs Usually Cost?

much-custom-motorcycle-paint-jobs-usually-cost Credit: Trevor Williams/Taxi Japan/Getty Images

For a one-tank and two-fender motorcycle, a full custom paint job at Naylor Finishes usually starts at $1,000, but may increase based on the detail and extent of the paint work, as of 2015. The pricing at Mike Morgan Designs ranges from $5,000 to $8,000, depending on the type of motorcycle.

The typical asking price for a Naylor Finishes motorcycle paint job is around $900. A single-color finish generally costs around $400 while the rate for a two-tone project is around $600. The inclusion of flames or other graphical art hikes the price up to $800, although this may further increase based on the design's complexity.

Custom air brush paint jobs at Mike Morgan Designs cost $5,000 for one-tank two-fender motorcycles, $7,000 for baggers and $8,000 for Gold Wings. For paint jobs that require shipment, customers may incur additional freight costs.