How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Windshield?


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As of 2015, repairing a windshield can cost as little as $10 for a minor rock chip repair or as much as $400 if the repair requires replacing the glass. In rare vehicles, the cost of replacement glass ranges to $1,500.

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Several factors affect the overall cost. Some companies offer mobile technicians that drive to the vehicle owner's home or place of business to make the repair. Owners usually pay slightly more for the convenience than if they take the car to a shop for repair. While many chips and cracks are repairable, longer cracks usually cost more to repair than chips. If the windshield has multiple chips, the owner should expect to pay more. Many insurance companies cover chip and crack repair with no deductible due to the cost savings over replacing the glass.

Factors determining if the windshield is safe to repair include the length of the crack and if it is in the driver's direct line of vision. Cracks over 2 inches in length usually require replacing the glass. Cracks in the driver's direct line of vision are not good candidates for repair due to the distortion the repairs cause.

Drivers should be wary of locations offering free windshield repair. Some of these companies charge the insurance company several times the actual cost of the repair.

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