How Much Does the Average Car Paint Job Cost?


The average cost of a paint job ranges anywhere from $250 to $20,000. The reason for this large gap is that not all paint shops use high quality products for their paint jobs, nor do they all offer the same quality of service. Specialty paint jobs may be more expensive than basic paint jobs.

National chains are usually a better option for those who need a paint job on a budget. Car owners should make sure that the shop offers quality workmanship and skill and that the shop meets their individual standards.

Reputable locally owned shops are also a good option since they often use quality paints and offer equally good workmanship. Car owners should ask about the paint brands that a shop uses to ensure they are well known and well regarded names.

Paint options also influence the overall cost of the paint job. Such options include re-coloring of the engine area and interior painting. Some of the most expensive auto paint jobs are chameleon and two-tone metallic paint jobs.

Mid priced paint brands include Trinity 1945, Sherwin Williams, PPG, DuPont and Diamont. Paint brands that cost as much as hundreds of dollars per quart are SEM and House of Kolor. The type of vehicle being painted also influences the cost of the job.