How Do You Find How Much an Antique Car Is Worth?

Pricing and valuation tools for determining the resale value of classic cars can be found on the websites for classic car organizations such as NADAGuides and The Hagarty Group. The site also offers articles and other information about how to price a used classic vehicle.

NADAGuides is a vehicle data publishing entity that provides a variety of information about a wide range of cars. The organization began by publishing physical guidebooks that allowed parties interested in buying or selling vehicles understand how to navigate the market. In 1998, the company launched its website to establish a centralized online source for all of its vehicle information. The site allows users to search for pricing details based on the make and model of various classic cars. It also contains details on how to contact local sellers and buyers, as well as tips for both parties.

The Hagarty Group specialized in insuring both classic cars and boats. It offers a full suite of valuation tools on its website to help individuals understand the true price of a collector vehicle. Tools include an index, based on stock market indexes, of classic car valuation trends as well as a tool for building a classic car portfolio.