How Much Does an 18-Foot Pontoon Boat Weigh?

much-18-foot-pontoon-boat-weigh Credit: Pat Bell/CC-BY 2.0

The weight of a pontoon boat depends on what kind of material the boat is made of and the extra amenities that are on the inside. The average weight of an 18-foot pontoon with aluminum logs is 1,175 pounds.

A pontoon boat is flat and depends on aluminum logs to keep it afloat. Sometimes, the logs on a pontoon boat are made of heavier material. Pontoons are typically made of marine-grade aluminum or steel, and a boat can have up to three pontoons, depending on the boat's size. The extra amenities that can be added to the inside of the boat that will make it heavier are varied, as people use pontoon boats for anything from family getaways along the coast to parties on a lake.