How Is MTM Different Than a Regular Ambulance?


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MTM differs from a regular ambulance in that it is not used exclusively for emergency services. MTM is also used to transport clients to appointments and give them access to community resources they could not use without transportation.

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MTM is a transportation company that focuses on providing access to healthcare and community services. Their mission is to restore their clients' sense of independence while improving their health outcomes. Their call center works to coordinate care and transportation, as well as handle ambulance claims with insurance companies. They work to provide their homebound clients with home health services and are involved in the process of planning a patient's discharge from a healthcare provider. MTM also works to train Medicaid and Medicare managed organizations, county and state governments, healthcare providers, third party administrators and transit agencies.

Regular ambulance services provide transportation to healthcare providers in the event of an emergency. The services are often funded by government programs and work alongside local fire and police departments. Some ambulance services are solely devoted to working with fire and police, while others are run by volunteer emergency medical technicians. Hospitals also provide their own ambulance teams, especially in locations where ambulance services incur charges or perform unreliably. Like MTM, private sectors of the ambulance industry provide non-emergency transportation to healthcare providers.

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