What Are MSW Alloy Wheels?


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MSW alloy wheels are produced by O.Z. Racing and are meant to look not only look stylish but perform optimally. These wheels are available worldwide and have been tested to ensure that they meet all criteria provided by the country in which they are sold. They are even certified by Germany's Technical Monitoring Association, which has the strictest wheel quality regulations in place.

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Alloy wheels are made of either aluminum or magnesium. The chosen metal is combined with other elements to form the alloy, which is both stronger and lighter than a pure metal. This lightness improves the vehicle's grip on the road and improves gas mileage. Additionally, alloy wheels have improved heat conduction, which enhances the performance of the vehicle's brakes.

Aside from their performance, alloy wheels are commonly chosen for their appearance. They are shinier than their steel counterparts. However, they are often victim to galvanic corrosion. This can be prevented by sealing the alloy with paint or adding wheel covers. It is important to prevent galvanic corrosion, as it can cause tires to leak air.

As alloy wheels are more expensive to produce than steel wheels, they are not always standard on a vehicle. Luxury cars like the Maserati, Aston Martin, Lotus, Lamborghini and Ferrari come equipped with these wheels. MSW alloy wheels are often added on as an aftermarket purchase. O.Z. Racing designs and produces many styles and colors of alloy wheels that fit most vehicles.

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