How Do You Mount a Motorcycle Tow-Behind Trailer?


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Mount a trailer to a motorcycle using a hitch that fastens to the bike. The hitch serves as a point of attachment and helps to distribute the weight of the trailer between the bike and trailer wheels. While there are several hitch options for popular towing motorcycles, newer models or those less commonly used in towing may require hiring someone to fabricate the hitch.

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Towbar-style hitches are u-shaped pieces of metal that attach to either side of the bike. They include straps that attach under the seat to support the weight of the trailer tongue. The u-shaped piece may have one or more units, but different units take the same basic shape once assembled.

Fender hitches attach to the fender with three to four bolts on each side. They are a better choice for cruiser-style bikes that are less likely to have attachment points on the frame. Manufacturers usually chrome-coat fender hitches that mount outside the fender and powder-coat those that attach inside the unit.

Some hitches feature a permanently attached fender ball, while others use a receiver like those found on pickup trucks or sports utility vehicles. With the receiver-style hitch, the owner can remove the ball and slide-in assembly to store it out of the way when not in use.

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