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A motorhome, sometimes called a recreational vehicle, is a self-contained, self-propelled vehicle that includes a living area for one or more people. These can range from oversized vans with rudimentary facilities for one or two adults to vehicles the size of a bus with berths for eight people or more.

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Class A motorhomes are the largest vehicles, built on a specialty chassis or converted from a commercial bus. Typically, they include slide-out sections that increase the interior space when stopped for the night. They may include a partial or full kitchen suite as well as full bathroom and laundry facilities. Class A motorhomes may have under-floor storage and the capacity to tow a smaller vehicle for day trips and errands.

Class B motorhomes are the smallest vehicles, usually built onto the chassis of a van. Since space is at a premium, sleeping facilities usually convert into beds or tables for use during the day, and kitchen and bathroom facilities are limited. However, these vehicles get better mileage than their larger counterparts, and may even fit into standard garages and parking spaces.

Class C motorhomes are medium-sized vehicles, often built onto cargo vans with extended rear sections and a raised roof. A common feature of a Class C motorhome is a cabover section that contains a queen-sized bed, allowing the main body of the vehicle to be used for dining and entertainment. This added height can affect the handling of the vehicle, however, and drivers should pay attention to clearance ratings on bridges and overpasses.

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