Do Motorhome Values Increase or Decrease Over Time?

Do Motorhome Values Increase or Decrease Over Time?

Motor home values depreciate over time, meaning they decrease in value. Estimates say that a vehicle depreciates 30 percent simply by driving it off the lot, notes

To many RV owners, depreciation is not a factor because it costs far less to own an older motor home than a new one. Despite the fact that a motor home depreciates quickly after purchase, the rate of depreciation slows dramatically over the next few years.

Generally, a well-maintained motor home depreciates between 10 and 18 percent one year after purchase. The second year sees a six to 10 percent depreciation rate and the by the third year, the value of the vehicle only declines about six percent annually. By the sixth year of ownership, the vehicle is worth about half of its original MSRP. Owners can slow the rate of depreciation slightly by maintaining all aspects of the vehicle, from its engine to its interior.

RV owners worried about depreciation should consider buying used, as long as the vehicle was well cared for by its previous owner. This brings the total cost of ownership down over buying new.

Many things lead to a motor home's depreciation. Environmental issues play a part, as does regular wear and tear from daily use.