How Do You Find Motorcycle Training Schools Near You?

You can find local motorcycle training programs that offer courses in basic and advanced motorcycle riding skills by visiting the Motorcycle Safety Foundation website. Type in your ZIP code and follow the prompts to register online for a local training course. New motorcycle riders can search for local motorcycle training courses at the New Rider Course Search page at the Harley-Davidson Motor Cycles website. Find local courses by submitting your location, desired travel miles and training time frame.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has a Curriculum Listing page that provides riders with a listing of its courses. Its Basic RiderCourse is designed for new motorcycle riders and includes 10 hours of riding instruction and five hours of classroom activities. Attendees who successfully complete the course earn an MSF RiderCourse Completion Card, which some states accept as a valid license test waiver program. Riders who move out of state might be required to repeat the course, because many states don't accept completion cards earned in another state.

MSF offers two versions of its Basic RiderCourse 2 training program. Riders who have mastered basic riding skills can take the license waiver version, which covers basic safety concepts in a classroom setting. The skills practice version focuses exclusively on riding exercises.