What Are Some Motorcycle Maintenance Tips?


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Some motorcycle maintenance tips are to thoroughly read the owner's manual, to change the oil regularly, and to check the tires before and after each ride. Further, make sure to check lights, indicators and brakes before every ride, and change the spark plugs and air filter around once every nine months.

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The owner's manual lists specifics on how to maintain a motorcycle; always read it prior to performing any maintenance on a bike. The oil should be changed once every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, although some mechanics recommend changing it, along with the filter, once every six months. The type of oil used depends on the bike; for example, newer, high-performance motorcycles typically use a synthetic oil. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations, however, for the type and weight of oil.

Before and after each ride, check the tires for cracks or rot, which can lead to a blowout. Unlike other vehicles, the tires do not need to be rotated, as they are generally sized differently in the front than the back. Check chain tension and lubrication about once every month, while control cables should be checked about once every two months. Further, change brake fluid and transmission fluid about once every two years.

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