What Is a Motorcycle Camper Trailer?


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Motorcycle camper trailers are lightweight trailers that contain beds and other amenities. They are lightweight enough to be pulled behind a motorcycle or small car. The term can also refer to a trailer that carries motorcycles and is designed to be hauled between a large camper or RV.

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Most motorcycle campers feature a pop-up design to help minimize drag and keep the weight low. Some are made of fiberglass and fabric, like a typical camping tent, except with a solid base built onto a trailer. Others use fiberglass and wood for a more solid design. Those that do not use a pop-up design are typically small teardrop designs.

The other type of motorcycle camper trailer is useful for people who travel in their RVs and like to bring their motorcycles along for day trips. These trailers usually feature easy loading designs and methods to securely fasten the motorcycles down. Some have enclosed barriers to protect the motorcycles from damage if an accident occurs.

There is also a hybrid camper/trailer design made by SylvanSport. This trailer is designed to be pulled behind a truck and carries the motorcycles safely. After the motorcycles are unloaded, it converts into a pop-up tent for camping. It boasts more space than many tents, with room for two beds.

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