What Are Some Motor Vehicle Inspection Regulations?

Some vehicle inspection regulations include the requirement to obtain a vehicle safety inspection at a operator licensed by the state's Department of Motor Vehicles every 12 months or when the vehicle is sold or transferred to another person. States such as New York require vehicle owners to display their current inspection certificates by placing a decal on their windshields, while other states such as California require the decals to appear on the vehicle’s license plate.

In addition to safety inspections, many states require certain vehicles to pass periodic emission inspections to comply with the mobile source emission requirements of the federal Clean Air Act. New York exempts certain vehicles from emission inspections, such as motorcycles, vehicle models within two years from the date of registration, and vehicles more than 25 model years old. To ensure compliance, New York regulations require car dealers to obtain a vehicle inspection within 30 days of the date of sale and prior to delivery.

On the other hand, individuals who purchase a vehicle from a private seller are granted an inspection extension, which allows the new owner an additional 10 days to inspect the vehicle. During this time, the new owner is provided a temporary registration to operate the vehicle.