How Do You Find Motor Oil Recycling Locations?

Auto repair service companies such as Fire Stone Complete Auto Care and Jiffy Lube accept used motor oil at many locations. All Firestone locations accept motor oil for recycling, while some Jiffy Lube locations do the same. It's best to contact local auto service shops and inquire about oil recycling programs.

Some state websites help residents find local motor oil recycling facilities. California residents can visit the state's CalRecycle Used Oil Recycling Program page to find companies that accept used motor oil.

If you change the oil in your vehicle, you should always take measures to capture all of the oil that drips from the engine crankcase and filter. This requires using a clean container made of plastic or metal with a lid that closes tightly. If using a plastic container, make sure it's made out of sturdy polyethylene material. Alternatively, you can save empty motor oil containers and use them for used oil recycling. Never pour used motor oil into containers made for antifreeze, solvents, paint or another type of vehicle lubricant.

Automobile engines require clean oil to operate smoothly, and recycling the old oil is a way to keep the environment free of pollution, and preserve precious oil for future use. Recycled oil is cleaned and turned into heating oil, asphalt material and various petroleum-based products.