What Are Some Motor Homes That Have Good Mileage Ratings?


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Motor homes with good mileage ratings include Diesel RVs, camper vans and newer RVs. Motor homes can be used for vacationing, business or pursuing hobbies.

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Most larger RVs run on diesel fuel and are designed for longer journeys. Diesel engines are more fuel-efficient and are able to take more stress. However, smaller models with diesel engines such as the Winnebago Rialta are the most fuel efficient. Diesel engine motor homes cost less in overall maintenance. Finding diesel fuel at truck stops away from major thoroughfares may require some trip planning to avoid problems.

Smaller RV models built on van chassis are typically lighter, and therefore, more fuel efficient. Conversion vans weigh less than traditional motor homes making them more fuel efficient. Smaller RV models built on truck chassis offer more power but often at the cost of fuel efficiency.

Lastly, many newer RV models are designed with fuel efficiency in mind. Older used models may be cheaper, but high maintenance and fuel costs can quickly offset the low price. Fuel efficiency deteriorates as the engine ages making investing in a new model RV a good idea. Servicing the motor home regularly and fixing problems as soon as possible helps to get the most out of a new RV.

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