How Do You Get the Most for Your Money When Buying a Truck?

To get the best deal when buying a truck, come up with a budget and stick to it. Look for incentives and rebates and do not purchase a truck with a larger engine than necessary. Don't purchase a truck with a lot of unnecessary options and packages.

When purchasing a truck, opt for one in which the payments do not exceed more than 20 percent of the total take-home pay. Get financed through a bank, credit union or other financial institution beforehand so that the amount available to spend on a truck is clear from the beginning. This will keep the truck buyer from spending more than he can afford.

  1. Look up the value of the truck first
  2. Check the Kelley Blue Book value or's True Market Value index to determine how much a truck is worth.

  3. Determine the use of the truck
  4. Knowing the truck's primary purpose will help customers get the best deal.

  5. Look at the engine size
  6. Look for the truck with the smallest engine that provides the necessary amount of power. The smaller the engine, the better the fuel economy.

  7. Choose options and packages with care
  8. Decide and choose which options serve a practical purpose, not just those that are cool.

Truck shoppers should look to someone they trust to help them find the best truck for their price range, especially if they are novices to the world of truck buying.