Which Models of Vehicle Sell for $500 or Less?


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Almost no new vehicles, with the exception of some electrically powered scooters such as the Razor E-series, retail for less than $500 new. However, many used cars from a range of models sell for less than $500 dollars, according to automotive site Jalopnik.

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Electric scooters such as the Razor E-series and related electric bikes are not useful vehicles for those living outside of a city environment, but users with very short commutes do find them useful for speeding up their trips. If a gas-powered scooter is a suitable vehicle, it is sometimes possible to find small scooters with 50 cubic centimeter engines on sale for less than $500 dollars new; however, these scooters typically retail for twice that amount or more if the retailer is not currently having a sale.

For those seeking a full-size car under $500 dollars, a plethora of older models is available on the second-hand market. Reliability and safety are serious issues to consider when purchasing a used car at this price point, however, since it is likely that the car in question has acquired a lot of both years and mileage. The Subaru Legacy and BMW 320i are considered good models that have examples in this price range.

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