What Models of Used Cars Does Sid Dillon Offer?

The exact makes and models of used cars for sale through the Sid Dillon Auto Group vary by location and over time. As of 2015, some of the models available may include the Buick Enclave, the Chevrolet Malibu, the Hyundai Sonata, the Nissan Rogue S and the Ford Explorer.

Each Sid Dillon dealership location carries a different selection of used vehicles, many of which come from customers trading in an old model as part of purchasing a new one. As such, the dealerships often carry a wide range of models from manufacturers such as Honda, HUMMER, Isuzu, Mazda or Mercedes-Benz.

The easiest way to find what models of used cars are for sale at the Sid Dillon chain of dealerships is to visit its website. The site allows customers to search through the inventories of all the dealership locations either via a keyword term or by using the available filtering options to narrow down results to meet a specific set of criteria. It is possible to filter results for factors such as the make and model of the vehicle, its price range, its year of manufacturing, its color and its fuel type, among other options. Customers are also able to limit results to only show the inventory of a specific dealership.