What Models Do Lamborghinis Come In?

models-lamborghinis-come Credit: matsilvan/iStock Editorial/Getty Images

As of 2014, in-production Lamborghini cars are available in the following models:

  • Huracán
  • Aventador
  • Gallardo LP
  • Venemo
  • Asterion
Within some models, there are two versions available.

The above list consists only of the current models in production as of 2014 or later. The Huracán, for example, is only available as a 2015 model. In terms of pricing, the Gallardo, released in 2014, is the most affordable at $191,900 base. The 2014 Aventador goes for $397,500 base, and the 2015 Huracán is available for $237,250 base, is marketed as an entry-level "supercar" and is intended to be the Gallardo's successor. The Huracán actually out performs the costlier Aventador in some tests, but it doesn't come with scissors doors.