How Do You Find the Model of a Yamaha ATV?


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To find the model of a Yamaha ATV, locate the VIN. This 17-digit number is included in the ATV's title and registration and is stamped on the vehicle's frame rails. Information in the VIN includes the World Manufacturer Identifier, Vehicle Descriptor Section, Vehicle Identifier Section and Model Year. The first number in the VIN indicates where the ATV was manufactured; ATVs manufactured in North America have VINs beginning with the numerals 1 through 5.

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The second digit of the VIN describes the ATV's country of origin, while the third indicates the vehicle type. The numbers or letters in the fourth through eighth positions denote the model, engine size and body style of the ATV. The ninth character is called the VIN check number. This digit, calculated through the Weight Factor Table, determines if the VIN is correct.

The last seven characters of the VIN make up the Vehicle Identifier Section, with the 10th character denoting the model year. Yamaha uses a letter code to indicate the model year of ATVs. Use a year code letter chart to determine the corresponding year for each letter; for example, Yamaha vehicles with the model year 2015 were assigned the letter F. The model year and manufacturing year may not be the same, as vehicles manufactured late in the year are often assigned a model code according to the following marketing year. Cyclepedia.com provides a letter code chart for Yamaha vehicles.

The eleventh VIN character identifies the plant where the ATV was manufactured. The last six digits are the ATV's serial number. This unique number indicates the vehicle's position in the production series. Yamaha uses a serial number sequence that differs from those of other manufacturers.

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