How Does the Model of Your Truck Affect the Price of a Used Camper Shell?


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Some makes and models of trucks are less common or do not usually use camper shells, so there is a higher demand for camper shells that fit them. This drives up the price of used camper shells for those models.

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How Does the Model of Your Truck Affect the Price of a Used Camper Shell?
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Some trucks also come in varying bed lengths, so truck caps for extended beds may also drive up the price. Newer trucks also sometimes have curved or tapered rails, which require a more complex mold to fit them properly. Older or less expensive caps may not fit them tightly. Even trucks made by the same manufacturer vary significantly between models and have to have unique truck caps for a good fit. Some makes and models of trucks have had essentially the same bed for decades, so buying a used camper shell for them is easier and less expensive due to greater supply.

It may be difficult to find caps that fit less popular types of trucks at all, so the owner may have to buy a new or refurbished shell. If the buyer does find a used one, it often has to be repainted to match the truck. This is still usually cheaper than buying a new cap, however.

It can also be difficult to find a used shell that fits an older truck and does not block the top brake light, but this is mostly a problem in trucks and shells manufactured prior to 1995.

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