Who Makes the Model S?

Who Makes the Model S?

Tesla Motors is the creator of the Model S luxury sedan. Tesla, founded in 2004, is an American automobile manufacturer that produces electric cars and drive-train components.

The Tesla Model S won the 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year. Its drive-train is completely electric and manages just over 416 horsepower. The car is rear-wheel drive, and it uses a 1-speed fixed speed transmission. The 2014 models also introduced a new Autopilot feature that allows the vehicle to drive itself.

Interior features

  • Five-person seating
  • Microfiber and synthetic leather
  • Center armrest with two cup holders
  • Bluetooth wireless technology compatible

Exterior features

  • Aluminum body with boron steel alloy supports
  • Frameless tempered safety glass front windows
  • Aluminum roof
  • Titanium underbody shield