What Are Some Mobility Scooter Accessories?


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Wheels, ramps, batteries, covers, cup holders, chargers and scooter lifts are some of the accessories available for mobility scooters. These accessories add to the convenience of using scooters in daily life

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Mobility scooters assist a person with mobility problems in moving around the home or small distances. They are available in two-, three- or four-wheel styles, and some are even certified for use on roadways. Accessories such as the ones listed offer additional comfort for the person using the scooter.

A variety of wheel types allows persons with mobility issues access to both on-road and off-road areas. Special ramps provide access to the scooter, and the addition of a more powerful or second battery extends the distance the scooter can travel without recharging.

Keeping a mobility scooter outdoors is possible with the addition of a cover to keep it safe from the elements. Cup holders let the user store refreshments on the scooter, leaving the hands free to maneuver the scooter as needed. Chargers are ideal for electric scooters, keeping them powered up whenever they are needed. To easily pack the scooter for a trip, a scooter lift gives an extra boost to get the scooter into the back of a vehicle.

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