What Are Some Mobile Home Remodeling Ideas?


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Good mobile home remodeling ideas include updating the wood paneling, replacing the fixtures, removing walls and adding a screened-in porch. Wood paneling can be painted or treated, depending on personal taste. Applying grease onto the wood can bring out its natural color, while sanding the surface can lighten the color of the wood and remove the dirt that may have accumulated over time on the surface.

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Replacing old fixtures such as door and cabinet handles, lights, switches and faucets can help improve both the aesthetics and functionality of a mobile home. Be sure to purchase replacement fixtures that are applicable to mobile homes.

Mobile homes typically do not have any load-bearing pillars or beams that are necessary in a conventional home for structural support, which means tearing down walls to optimize space generally does not have any effect on the integrity of the mobile home structure.

Adding a screened-in porch is a good idea if there is ample space around the mobile home and you don't plan to move any time soon. When building a screened-in porch, the decision to hire a contractor and the quality of the materials are the major factors that affect the price. There are prefabricated porches for sale that can help a mobile home owner earn significant savings, as these are typically do-it-yourself assemblies that do not require a skilled contractor to build.

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