How Do You Mix 2-Cycle Oil With Gasoline?

Mix two-cycle engine oil with gasoline by determining the proper amount of oil, adding it to an approved fuel container, filling the container with gasoline, closing the cap, and shaking the container to mix. Check the owner's manual to determine the correct fuel ratio.

  1. Determine the amount of oil to add

    Check the owner's manual to determine the proper fuel ratio. Most fuel ratio charts also provide the number of ounces of oil to add to the fuel. Some manufacturers provide premeasured oil containers for specific fuel-to-oil ratios.

  2. Add gasoline to the container

    Add fresh gasoline to the container. Do not mix more fuel than you plan to use within 30 days. Use midgrade or premium gasoline for two-cycle engines.

  3. Close the cap

    Close the lid to the fuel container tightly to ensure the fuel does not leak when mixing.

  4. Shake the container

    Mix the gasoline and oil by shaking the container vigorously. Before removing the gas cap from the machine, wipe it clean with a rag. Open the gas cap slowly to release any pressure build-up. Point the gasoline fill port upward when fueling to reduce the chances of spilling gasoline or inhaling fumes. Shake the fuel container again before adding fuel to the tank.