How Do You Get a Mitsubishi Service Manual?


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To get a Mitsubishi service manual, visit Haynes.com, an online provider of automotive and motorcycle repair and maintenance manuals and purchase a repair or service manual for a specific Mitsubishi vehicle. Old manuals of Mitsubishi automobiles are sometimes available on manual sites, such as Evoscan.com.

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To purchase a Mitsubishi manual, navigate to Haynes.com and click View Printed Repair Manuals. You can use the search tool to locate a manual for a specific vehicle, or you can click Automotive Repair Manuals to be directed to the list of auto manufacturers and browse for a Mitsubishi model. On the Haynes’ Product page, check the repair manual’s table of contents and product details to determine if it covers the year and model of your car. Haynes.com accepts credit card and online payment options.

Some manual repository sites, such as Evoscan.com, provides downloadable repair manuals for specific models of Mitsubishi vehicles. To check if the site carries the service manual you need, navigate to its homepage and click Vehicle Manuals on the left sidebar menu. Evoscan.com provides parts catalogs, repair manuals and workshop manuals.

Another site that carries repair manuals for older Mitsubishi models is mmc-manuals.ru. To access the manuals on the site, navigate to its homepage and click Old Mitsubishi Cars under More. The site provides handbooks, electrical wiring diagrams and service manuals for older models, including Mitsubishi Eclipse, Carisma, L300 and 3000GT.

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