What Is a Military M151 Jeep?


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The M151 Military Utility Tactical Truck, or MUTT, is a Jeep style 4X4 vehicle used by the U.S. military from 1960 through the early 1990s. The MUTT replaced the World War II era M38 Willys Jeep and continued in service until it was replaced by the HUMVEE utility vehicle.

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What Is a Military M151 Jeep?
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The MUTT was designed and developed by the Ford Motor Company in the early 1950s, but when the model went into production in 1960, contracts were awarded to Kaiser Jeep and American Motors General.

The M151 was produced in a number of models including the M151A2 TOW anti-tank missile carrier, the M151A1D tactical nuclear munitions carrier, the M718 front line ambulance and the M1051 fire-fighting variant.

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