How Do You Find Military Humvees for Sale?


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To find a military Humvee for sale, seek an online retailer that stocks these vehicles, such as PlanBsupply.com, GovPlanet.com and UsedH1.com. These sites offer different models of military-grade used Humvees for sale at different prices, as of 2015.

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PlanBSupply.com offers street-legal military Humvees and offers the option to customize them to the buyer's needs. With a starting price of $28,400, these Humvees come with titles and plates for use on public highways and roads. The Humvees typically have fewer than 15,000 miles in mileage, a diesel engine, full independent automatic transmission and more.

GovPlanet.com provides listings for used military Humvee with photographs to match. The buyer can filter the search results by make, model, location, year and price range. Each listing also shows the meter reading, when the listing was updated and the price of the Humvee. The site offers tools to compare up to six Humvees before making a choice.

UsedH1.com offers used military Humvees, customizations and accessories for sale. Buyers can browse the various listings and check out the specifications before making a purchase. Each listing shows the vehicle's year of manufacture and the serial number of the Humvee, as well as the enhancements done by the seller.

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