Does Midway Motors in McPherson, Kansas, Have Good Reviews?


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Midway Motors in McPherson, Kansas, has positive reviews with limited cases of negative reviews. Reviewers from Cars.com express positive reviews pointing out efficient purchase and great after-sales services but there are complaints related to repair of specific audio gadgets and warranties.

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Midway Motors in McPherson, Kansas, has positive reviews due to its superior customer services, which buyers term as hospitable and worthwhile. Reviewers on Cars.com indicate that the servicemen at Midway Motors are skillful and efficient in service delivery, ensuring high-quality results and appropriate timing of repairs. A number of reviewers mentioned helpful sales and finance managers.

Some reviewers pointed out that Midway Motors has informed experts who fix any resultant issue efficiently. Reviewers expressed that the dealer is prompt, friendly and honest when dealing with first-time customers. Other reviewers asserted that the dealer is quick in responding to emails and calls. Some reviewers mentioned they would recommend the dealer to friends and family members.

Some reviewers expressed gratitude regarding chances to conduct road tests before making vehicle purchases. However, others expressed dissatisfaction regarding repair issues on minor gadgets, such as the audio system. One reviewer expressed disappointment regarding replacement of a headphone set, stating it was of low quality. Some reviewers complained of confusion on matters related to warranties and repairs.

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