What Are Some Methods for Removing Automotive Window Tint?


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One method to remove automotive window tint is to steam it to loosen the glue and peel the tint off. An upholstery steamer, hair dryer or heat gun is required for this method, but a steamer is the best option because the steam loosens the glue quickly.

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Another option is to use ammonia. First, spray soapy water on the outside of the window, and then stick a black trash bag to it. Spray the ammonia on the tint and cover it with another black trash bag, and then let the sun heat up the bags and the window tint. Peel the tint off after it has warmed in the sun for a while.

Some other options are to apply newspaper and soapy water, and leave it on the tint for an hour while keeping the newspaper moist. Then, remove the tint with a razor blade.

Another choice is to just use a razor blade and soapy water. Peel and scrape the tint with the razor blade, and use the soapy water to remove the adhesive.

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